16 years of client sponsored R&D


OVER THE PAST 16 YEARS, our multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals has grown to forty scientists and engineers, each with unique capabilities and experience and a dedication to rigorous science and their craft of developing groundbreaking custom solutions that increase our client’s process efficiency and accelerate new product time to market

We perform collaborative and client-funded research and advanced product development for several U.S. federal agencies and industrial collaborators ranging from emerging technology companies to industrial market leaders and defense contractors. See our trusted partners roster and testimonials here.

Nanohmics, Inc. a Texas C Corporation, was founded in 2002 by scientists focused on innovative technology development. We specialize in the applied science of advanced materials and state-of-the-art instrumentation engineering for novel sensing devices and measurement platforms. We apply a diverse approach to tackle challenging technical problems that require broad research expertise required to design and build actionable information collection and analysis that is integrated with system automation in applications such as surveillance, detection, performance characterization, environment awareness, and energy conversion.

Our specialties include computational imaging, electro-optics, vacuum deposition, micro- and nanofabrication, additive devices, and embedded systems instrumentation integrated with novel power and thermal control subsystems and devices. We have applied this expertise across a range of industries including development of methods for fieldable water toxicity sensing, EO/IR devices and wavefront detection for laser threat and high-speed image correction, hydraulic fracture and wellbore visualization in oil & gas exploration, and molecular environment analysis and control for industrial safety and biomedical applications.

Between our full-service laboratory, affiliate research facilities, and an accredited lineup of experts, Nanohmics offers a wide range of services including (but not limited to) novel materials, microfabrication, instrumentation, electro-optics, sensors, power control, and embedded systems & devices.

Most of all, we put care into our work and our relationships. Contact us today and let us help you get an edge with smarter technology.



How to Pronounce Nanohmics


Nanohmics (pronounced na-NOH-miks) is a fusion of Nano, the metric prefix for 1/1,000,000,000 (one billionth) and Ohm the measured unit of electrical resistance.

Low resistance is pinnacle for high fidelity signal processing and data transmission, and as the name implies, we are proud of our reputation for applied science and innovative engineering that lowers the barrier to development of cutting-edge technologies tailored for you application.

Let us show you how streamlining your process or product through integration of smart, sensing technology can increase efficiency, produce new products, and open new opportunities for you.

Nanohmics Inc.
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