Applied Expertise

Detect. Identify. Quantify.

Nanohmics has broad expertise in the development of smart technologies and instrumentation designed to empower your product, process or system with greater situational awareness and autonomy. We tackle multi-scale material challenges from biomolecular anchor chemistry, microfabricated transducers, micromachined optical elements to compact read-out electronics and system integration.  

Repeatable and reliable quantification of environmental factors (e.g. light, heat, molecular concentration of targets) into an electrical signal can lead to actionable intelligence and autonomous operation by sensing hardware systems that are designed to collect, analyze and execute target identification, surveillance, situational awareness, and process monitoring/optimization.

There will be 50 billion devices, modules, sensors connected to the Internet by 2025, and that will give opportunities
— Rajeev Suri

Featured Capabilties

Numerical Modeling

Hardware / Embedded Systems

Micro- / Nanofabrication

Vacuum Deposition / Coatings

Control / Power Systems

Pulsed Light Annealing

Computational Imaging

Prototype / low volume manufacturing

Cell Culture / Molecular Biology

Nanomaterials, inks and emulsions

Machining / Tooling

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