U.S. Army medical command is responsible for the safe drinking water supply of deployed soldiers and needed a reliable method to quickly ensure drinking water is clear of chemical and biological threats including neurotoxins before consumption.


Nanohmics worked with a team of scientists at the U.S. Army Center for Environmental Health Research (USACEHR) to develop a field-portable biomonitor that used highly-sensitive rainbow trout gill cells and Electric Cell Impedance Sensing (ECIS) technology to identify whole water toxicity. ECIS is a way to electrically measure changes in cell activity. Our disposable test cartridge contains a single layer of live fish cells which covers the circuit and the software algorithm compares the control and test sample with historical data to determine if the sample is toxic. This instrument has been rigorously tested in the field and will soon be deployed by the Army.


This ECIS Water Quality Monitor offers a breakthrough solution to potential water security threats. The benefits include simple operation, reliable results in <60 minutes, sensitivity to a wide range of individual toxins and the combined effects of those contaminants. The system is also portable, rugged, and the biochips last for up to 12 months when properly stored.

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