Celebrating 15 Years of Client Sponsored R&D

Celebrating 15 Years of Client Sponsored R&D

  • November 16, 2017
  • Feature Story

Nanohmics, Inc. celebrated 15 years in business and for being a trusted technology development partner for more than 100 private and government entities.  Founded in 2002 as a three-person enterprise, Nanohmics has grown to a full-service R&D lab with a dedicated team of scientists and engineers. Fifteen years of accomplishments with numerous customer success stories is good news worth acknowledging.

From the beginning our only strategy was to work on challenging projects with people that we like and respect. We were all coming out of the dot.com boom/bust and had seen the worst come out in people we knew and worked with. We’re still in business! Looking back, we just went for it.
— Mike Mayo, Co-Founder and President

This anniversary marked an exciting milestone for Nanohmics and is central to the company’s mission to accelerate client success through innovative product development. Since its founding, Nanohmics has created a culture of curiosity and inventiveness which is brought to bear on every technology challenge presented by clients. Nanohmics’ success since 2002 is attributed to the vision of its founders, Mike Mayo, Steve Savoy and Byron Zollars, whose individual areas of expertise came together in a unique way to deliver system-level solutions and market-ready results.

I didn’t think my time constant was that long. The longevity of Nanohmics is easily attributed to the people we have. We’re all really happy doing research.
— Byron Zollars, Ph.D., Chief Scientist

The event was marked with a Texas-style celebration...a tailgating party at a UT-Austin football game!  BBQ, cold brews, and good times!

It’s crazy. I thought hitting the 10th was awesome…we keep growing and learning. We’ve gotten really good at streamlining the R&D and then deliver what the customer is looking for. Our goals for the next 15 years? We’re staffed for early ideation. We do that well. SBIR has recognized that small businesses like ours make significant strides that align with core research efforts and next gen efforts. We can have a real impact.
— Steve M. Savoy, Ph.D., Cofounder and VP of Technology Development

Congratulations go out to the entire Nanohmics team. We’re looking forward to more milestones and a continuation of delivering solid R&D solutions to valued clients.



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