Applied Expertise

At the heart of smart technologies and automated instrumentation are arrays of sensing elements designed and positioned to collect and process information about their surroundings.  These sensing elements measure physical factors in the environment such as the amount of light, heat, or molecules and convert them into quantifiable signals that provide actionable information leading to autonomous execution by the system.

At the core of every sensor is a “transducer” (pronounced trans doo sir) which actively converts physical quantities into an electrical signal, or conversely converts one form of energy into another, for example, thermal-to-electrical, or magnetic-to-optical. Repeatable and reliable success of a sensing technology that is integrated into a measurement system requires device hardware and software that relies on three key principles:


Featured Capabilties

Electromagnetic Modeling

Hardware / Embedded Systems

Micro- / Nanofabrication

Vacuum Deposition / Coatings

Control Systems

Pulsed Light Annealing

Computational Imaging

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Nanomaterials, inks and emulsions

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