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Tech Development

We are technology experts and know how to tackle tough problems. Let us help you expand your core technical capabilities by assisting in conceptualization of new products, strengthening existing product positions, and increasing product output.


R&D Collaboration

We work collaboratively with corporate science and capture managers to increase your
innovation bandwidth and deliver over the full technology development spectrum, from ideation to finished product installation.


Physical Sciences

Our scientific team specializes
in advanced materials, electro-optics, chemistry, and physics. A multi-disciplinary viewpoint is applied to technical challenges encountered during experimental design, implementation, and validation testing.


System Engineering

Our engineering staff can deliver at all levels of product development, from layout to industrial design. Let us help you set your next high-value-added system instrumentation development project in motion.

Welcome to Nanohmics

We engage at the early stage of technology development to drive innovation. 
Let us help lower the resistance that's impeding your next technology breakthrough.

Our effectiveness as an early-stage technology development partner stems from our dedication to innovation. Let us show you how years of our own technology innovation can be applied to enhance your product performance and open up new product opportunities.

Technical Capabilities

Our Innovative Technologies

Early-stage technology innovation is the first step in creating high value-added products. Successful technology programs require clear definition of the unmet need, identification of requisite resources to accomplish the goal, and scientific and engineering solutions that align with the opportunity window. We have experience in the successful application of early-stage technology development ranging from large market cap existing product enhancement to new entity creation with compelling technology innovation.